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FORS Drive Safe

Seeing Machines exists to get everyone home safely. In fact, we’re on a mission to achieve zero transport fatalities. That’s why we are proud to partner with the Fleet Operator Recognition Scheme (FORS), an accreditation scheme making fleets safer, smarter and greener across the UK and internationally. 

Together, we’ve created a unique solution specifically for FORS Operators: FORS Drive Safe.

FORS Drive Safe is powered by Guardian, Seeing Machines’ industry-leading aftermarket safety technology trusted by more than 800 fleets worldwide. 

FORS Drive Safe focuses on driver wellbeing, it prevents accidents, promotes better driver behaviour, and improves your operations.


Every 16 minutes someone is killed or seriously injured on UK roads.1

death-01-012022 saw 97 fatalities and 1,745 serious injuries for heavy vehicle drivers in the UK.1

DRIVER-01-0110–20% of all crashes are estimated to be caused by driver fatigue and 1 in 8 drivers admit falling asleep at the wheel.2

fatigue-01-014 in 10 fatigue-related crashes involve someone driving a commercial vehicle.3

TRUCK-01-01Over 40% of heavy vehicle road accidents within the UK come down to driver error or reaction time.4

Special Offer for FORS Operators

Seeing Machines’ world-leading driver fatigue and distraction technology is scientifically proven to reduce fatigue events by more than 90%, so now is the time to schedule an introductory meeting and learn more about FORS Drive Safe. We look forward to showing you how our safety technology can help protect your drivers.

About Seeing Machines

FORS Drive Safe is based on Seeing Machines' automotive grade safety technology, driven by decades of Human Factors research, with monitoring and intervention by real humans.

Our purpose is to save lives and to make zero transport fatalities a reality. 

Don't wait until it's too late

To protect your drivers and prevent accidents, real-time intervention is key. That’s why FORS Drive Safe combines in-cabin driver safety technology with 24/7 human monitoring.

We're committed to getting everyone home safely. Companies are notified within minutes of a confirmed fatigue event, so you can intervene and protect your drivers, your way.


Driver Monitoring Systems

Driver Monitoring Systems (DMS) are vehicle safety technologies designed to detect and alert a driver to dangerous behaviours such as distracted or impaired driving. A DMS is as critical to safety as the three-point seatbelt implemented in the late 1950’s, and random breath testing introduced in the decades following. Why? It is the only way to address, in real-time, long standing safety issues such as distraction and drowsiness. Using artificial intelligence, a DMS is designed to monitor a driver’s attentiveness and intervene if it detects a fatigue or distraction event using visual, audible and haptic alerts.

Safe and sustainable transportation: equalising the opportunities

Max Verberne, GM of Aftermarket at Seeing Machines, discusses how technology is the key to helping the transport sector become more sustainable – and safer.

Driver Monitoring Systems 101

A brief introduction of Driver Monitoring Systems (DMS) and how they relate to the EU GSR. This article is designed to assist readers in distinguishing between the different types of DMS, and understand which solutions are the most effective. 


DMS the ‘awakening giant’ of ADAS safety

Automakers are now investing heavily in advanced driver assistance system (ADAS) development. These products are seen by many within the industry as a crucial first step towards the automotive sector’s Vision Zero ambitions.  


UK drivers respond to DMS survey

In a survey of 2,147 UK consumers, Seeing Machines found that 70% of respondents believed technologies used to monitor and improve the performance of drivers had the potential to help improve road safety and reduce road accidents.  


The Importance of Human Intervention

What makes FORS Drive Safe unique is Seeing Machines' automotive grade safety technology, driven by decades of Human Factors research, with real-time monitoring and intervention by real humans.
In fact, the human intervention aspect of our solution has been scientifically proven to significantly enhance the effect of in-cabin alerts. In-cabin alerts can reduce risky driving events by around 66%, which is great, but this jumps to 90%+ with real-time intervention and management.

Download a summary of our research paper on the importance of real-time in-cab and external feedback in managing fatigue in commercial transport operations below. 


Benefits of FORS Drive Safe

FORS and Seeing Machines can help you drive improved practices in the following areas:

Reducing the risk of work-related accidents, injuries and cases of ill health and help ensure the health, safety and welfare of anyone affected by fleet operation; (FORS Standard M8)
Minimising the probability and severity of collisions involving vulnerable road users (FORS Standard V6 and S6)
Ensuring your drivers are not distracted or fatigued whilst driving (FORS Standard D5 and D7)
road risk_1
Understand the contributory and root causes of road traffic collisions, incidents and near-misses to prevent recurrence and minimise road risk (FORS Standard O3 and S4)

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Learn more about how Seeing Machines and FORS are working together to set your fleet on the path to sustainability, safety and success. 

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